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Welcome to CoNZealand. We’re excited to log you into our virtual event. Your registration is almost complete, just one more step!

Please watch this 5 minute video to help with logging on, and then scroll down the page to complete the process.

As a first step, let’s get all of your accounts connected so that you can access everything.

Please note – if you have not registered for ConZealand, please do that here.

You will only be able to complete the below steps if you have registered for this event.

If you want a detailed, step-by-step walkthrough, please read this. You can also download a PDF of the detailed access instructions.

What is Discord?

Much of CoNZealand is taking place on Discord, a chat, video and social interaction platform. Discord is also the easiest way to login to the convention, and an important way to get the most out of CoNZealand.

Don’t have a Discord account? Get one here

You must use your registration convention email address to set up and access Discord.

How to access your CoNZealand account

Step One (First Time Setup)

You will only need to do this once.
This is the last step in your ConZealand registration.

If you're using Discord

Log into Discord using the email account you used to register for ConZealand.

1. You must use your convention registration email address anywhere you have
Discord running to access this event. Make sure anywhere Discord is installed you have
logged in with the correct account. You can watch a video showing how to log out of Discord here (before logging in with the correct email).

2. For your first CoNZealand login, Discord may ask for additional approvals. Please follow their instructions.

3. Return to this page when you have completed this step, then proceed to Step Two.

If you're NOT using Discord

Your experience will be much better if you use Discord

If you really don’t want to use Discord click the button below.

Step Two (Anytime Access)


You got your Discord linked or reset your password, but something’s not working? No problem.

  • Your Discord email address must match the email you used to register for CoNZealand.
  • It makes syncing accounts easier if you login to Discord in another browser tab first.
  • If you’re creating your password instead of using Discord to log in, be sure to check your spam folder for the create password email. The email will read “Password reset was requested at identity server.”
  • Need more help troubleshooting? Please check out our Help Page.

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The Fantasy Network

Download Fantasy Network apps and access member-exclusive convention programming at

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Livestreams are available in real-time on iOS and Roku.
Video-on-demand will be available on AppleTV and Roku within 24 hours.
Click the “login” button within the apps and enter the email address that you used for convention registration.
You will receive immediate access to the CoNZealand members-only area.
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